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Poke links

The Species of Pokemon

Gameshark Cheats

Pokemon Games


Here are some cool Pokemon-themed games to enjoy!

Play With Pikachu!

You catch a Pikachu, then you must care for it! Feed it Rare Candy, apples, and trash, smack or poke it, and give it medicine when itís sick!

Ask Dragonite

Ask the Dragonite a question. But the Dragoniteís not much of a listener!

Name Rater

Dragonite rates your name! Hilarity ensues!




This emulator is needed before downloading ROMS.


Virtual Boy Advance

This Emulator is required for the Pokemon Sapphrie ROM.


Pokemon Blue ROM

Pokemon Gold ROM

For more ROMs, go here.



A cool editing utility that can edit Pokemon Red/Blue ROMS.



A hex editor.


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